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Read the instructions that the newspapers provide to ensure that your letter will be read and hopefully published. Keep your letters short, to the point, and write forcefully and with conviction. Be sure to include your name, address and phone number to have your letter considered for publication. Expletives, threats, bad grammar and spelling and unclear thoughts will reduce your chances of having your letter considered seriously and may make it unpublishable. The Newspaper's name is a link to the Publications Main online Page. Below it are found links to the Newspapers Feed Back page which I recommend you read carefully. Below that may be several direct e-mail box links to Letters to the Editor and specific writers and reporters responsible to report on environmental and marine issues facing the State.

After you send your e-mail, Try to print a copy of it and send it by snail mail to the newspapers mailing address, which will increase its chance of being seen by an Editor. Lastly, send ME a copy along with permission to post the letter to my web page on The Plight of California's Reef Fish

NOTE: This Page is Currently Under Construction

PS: If you don't find the newspaper you are looking for below, or want to send letters to TV or Radio News Program go tohttp://ajr.newslink.org/ which lists EVERY media organization in the US.

Santa Rosa Press Democrat
Main Editorial Page E- Mail Directory    
e-mail Letters to the Editor
Bob Klose - Frequent writer on Conservation and Ocean Issues and News

Sacramento Bee
Main Letters Page for the Sacramento Bee

Oakland Tribune
Main Online Letters Page
General Editorial e-mail:
Douglas Fischer - Covers Wildlife

Letters to the Editor- Snail Mail
Oakland Tribune
401 13th St.
Oakland, Ca 94612
Fax: 510-208-6477

Contra Costa Times
Main Letters Page
Gary Bogue is their wildlife editor garybug@hotcoco.infi.net
Jim Bruggers is their environment editor jbruggers@cctimes.com

San Jose Mercury News
Main Feed Back Page
Letters To The Editor
Paul Rogers-Environmental reporter
Glennda Chui - Science reporter
Lisa Chung - California editor

San Francisco Chronicle

Main Feedback Page
Letters To The Editor

San Francisco Examiner

Letters to the Editor
Jane Kay - Environment Reporter
Keay Davidson - Science Reporter

Los Angeles Times
How To Contact The LA Times
Letters To The Editor

Sonoma Independent
Main Feed back Page
Letters To The Editor

San Francisco Bay Guardian
Main Editorial Communications Page
Tim Redmond, Executive Editor and Environmental Issues
Environmental Reporter A. Clay Thompson

San Francisco Weekly
Feedback Page
E-Mail Form

The Bolinas Coastal Post
Letters To The Editor

San Diego Union Tribune
Contact Page
Letters To The Editor

Orange County Register
Contact Page
How to Reach The Editor
Letters To The Editor

Los Angeles Daily News
Contact Information Page
Letters To The Editor

Riverside Press-Enterprise
Letters To The Editor

Modesto Bee
How To Contact The Modesto Bee

Santa Barbara News-Press
Contact Page
Letters To The Editor

Monterey County Herald
Letters To The Editor
Write To A Sections Editor
News Tips and Content Inquiries

Marin Independent Journal
Contact Page
Letters To The Editor